Summertime – and the giving is easy!

It’s over!  Well, the year is over for ISU students, and for HS seniors, and will be shortly for other students!

That means a big shift in the volunteer base for Food At First.  The ISU groups aren’t helping out, the high schoolers aren’t doing required community service…  which means that we can use YOUR help more now than during the academic year!  In addition to the meals, we’re looking for folks to help with our pickups from Hy-Vee and Walmart.

Imagine being part of the harvesting of THOUSANDS of pounds of wonderful food from Walmart every week!!  Our biggest need is for someone who is comfortable driving the Steve Bock Community Truck on Monday or Thursday afternoons.  There are few volunteer positions anywhere in Story County that are more satisfying, than taking all of this food that was destined for the dumpster, and providing it to folks who are struggling.

If you think you MIGHT be interested, email to find out more!!