Mid-summer harvest!

We have been experiencing a mid-summer harvest in the past few weeks – a harvest of monetary donations!  Due to some busy schedules, we hadn’t been out fundraising as much as we needed to, and we’ve fallen into a bit of a financial hole.  But due to the GENEROUS donations of individuals in our community (you know who you are!), and some amazing grants from the Alternative Gift Market and Golden K Kiwanis, we’re rapidly closing the gap.  (This harvest was inspired by some key individuals, to whom FAF is deeply grateful!!)  If you’d like to help, just click on the orange “Donate” button in the right column of the website, or go to https://foodatfirst.wordpress.com/donate/ to learn how to set up automatic monthly donations, or to send a good old-fashioned check.  Our budget isn’t huge, but without the help of lots of people, we can’t keep this amazing ministry operational!