Main Street Farmers’ Market

First, an amazing fact: we have an average of about 60 visits to the Food At First website every day.  Many non-profit websites don’t get that many visits in a MONTH!  Thanks for caring about this ministry and the folks whom we serve.

But despite all of those visitors, there are some really cool things that we can’t do, because we just can’t find the volunteers to staff them.  One of those is the booth at the Main Street Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.  We’ve had a few people step up (a BIG thank you to them!), but if we don’t find others, we may not be able to keep doing it.  This is a great opportunity to share the Good News of FAF with a part of our community who often really cares about what we’re doing, and to glean some fantastic LOCAL produce for our Guests.  If you’d like to find out more, email with your questions!  Thanks!