What are you doing…

… this Thursday evening?  At this time of year, you have plenty of choices, I’m sure.  But one of the very BEST things you could do is to attend a meeting.  Seriously – attend a meeting?!  Yes!!

Now it’s not your average, ordinary meeting.  There’s never anything “average and ordinary” when it comes to Food At First!  With a growing program like ours, there are a bunch of little things that need attention, and we’re looking for folks who can help fill those gaps – no huge commitments, just helping out here and there.  Oh, and we’re looking at doing a fundraiser, so we need some creative input as well!

If this sounds even a *little* fun, make plans now to join us!  We’ll meet at 6:30 PM at First United Methodist Church THIS Thursday night.  You can double the fun by bringing a friend!  We hope to see you there – you’ll be glad you came!