Making a list, checking it twice!

UPDATE ON 12/3/2011: We have selected a “short list” of folks whom we’ll interview, so for now, there is no need to contact us.  But if we have any needs in the future, we’ll notify everyone subscribed to our website (as well as our Facebook page), so be sure to enter your email in the box to the right if you haven’t already!


We have a list of amazing people who are interested in the Coordinator position for Food At First.  (Yes, we’re FINALLY ready to hire someone!)  But we don’t want to leave anyone out of the process…  so if YOU (or anyone you know) has an interest in applying for this very unique job, please email *immediately*, so that we can get the info that we need from you!  And please keep the hiring team in your thoughts/prayers, as we make a challenging and important decision…