In Search Of A Designer

Have you ever designed a brochure?  Do you have a few minutes to spare, in order to do a LOT of good?

Food At First is launching its “Friends of Food At First” campaign, and one thing that we need is…  a brochure!  We already have the content, and it will be a standard tri-fold, full-color piece.  We just need for someone to add a bit of creative flair to it, making it easy to read and fun to look at.  Naturally, our budget for this is the same as it is for everything…  pretty much zero.  Your reward will be the wonderful feeling of knowing that you made a real impact on this important ministry!  If you’re interested, please send a sample of anything you’ve done to  And as always, if you know someone who might be interested, PLEASE pass this information on to them!  Thanks for your continued support.