The Evolution of Food At First

At this week’s Board meeting, Chris Martin was elected as the new Director of Food At First.

I had asked the Board last month to find a new leader for the program, as I felt that the time had come for a transition.  Food at First is in better shape than ever before, from being financially sound, to having a group of volunteers that amaze and humble me, all with a clear focus on “getting food into bellies” as we always have.

Chris has been involved with the program for about a year and a half, and while we have many leaders throughout the organization, Chris’ combination of skills and unbelievable passion make him a perfect fit for the Director’s role.  His particular interest is in dramatically expanding the number of people served by Food at First, and I have no doubt that he’ll achieve that goal!

I cannot begin to express my appreciation for every single person involved with Food at First – those who volunteered one time, or who have been doing it for all 8 years of our existence…  those who stepped up when we needed them most, and then moved on…  those who courageously expressed the importance of the program, even when it wasn’t always convenient…  and most of all, our Guests and Shoppers, who have allowed us to express our love for God by being his hands and feet.

Food At First is a miracle.  I look forward to seeing how the miracle grows and evolves under Chris’ leadership – and yes, I’ll definitely still be involved!  As the summer begins, I encourage you to consider volunteering (we miss those ISU students!) or becoming a Friend of Food At First (you’ll be hearing more about that!), because the miracle wouldn’t exist without awesome people like YOU!

Thanks for the opportunity to serve,
~ Scott Walker