The Free Market is moving! 2012

The Free Market is moving this evening!  The new address is 116 Washington, which is a block and a half west and a half block south of our soon-to-be-former location.  (It’s just south of the empty gas station on Lincoln Way.)  Our last distribution at the Sherman location will be TODAY, after the market closes, around 5:15 PM.  We will gladly accept any and all help with the move. We can make short work of it with a bunch of willing souls. Starting Monday September 10th, our distributions WILL BE AT 5PM!! Distributions will still be Mondays & Thursdays. On the function of the new market, it will be pretty much be the same. We have many improvements in mind but as is the way of Food at First, we will make it up as we go. Suffice it to say the new place is very cool with about a thousand times the functionality. It was and will continue to be a labor of love to serve our customers with dignity and respect while making the whole operation smoother. This project could not have been done without about a zillion volunteer hours – thanks to everyone who is making it happen!!  ~ Chris Martin, FAF Director