Volunteer Signup for the Garden!

We all know that gardening really depends on the weather.  We also know that Food at First depends on volunteers to make everything go each and every day.

In an attempt to make those two things work better together we have created a separate garden signup page that can be more easily managed by our FAF Garden crew.  If you’ve wanted to volunteer at the Garden (watering, weeding, harvesting, etc…) but didn’t know how to signup  here is the info you’ve been looking for!

The signup page can be found here.

A link is also available on the Garden page.

Just click on one of the green times and fill out the form.  We can’t guarantee that a volunteer day won’t get cancelled due to inclement weather, so be sure to watch the weather and your email.

As a reminder the Garden is located at:

Trinity Christian Reformed Church

3626 Ontario St. in Ames

Hope to see you out there!