Lovely Spring Day in the Food at First Garden

Hey folks,

We had a lovely day out in the garden. Found some baby bunnies (which are cute despite the fact that they chomp our veggies) and tried to fix some fencing. We weeded, watered and almost finished planting. We have another week or so to get everything planted. This means we could really use your help with the garden! Please consider joining us. You can see that the potatoes are already coming up and the strawberries are fruiting, which means they will ripen soon. We need more bodies in the garden. I know that many of you give back to the community in a multitude of ways but please consider joining us a day or so a week out at the Food at First Garden (3626 Ontario). Our next Workday is Tuesday (5:30-7:30), Thursday (5:30-7:30) and Saturday (9-11). Hope to see you out there. We have lots of herbs and even some greens to take home. We welcome volunteers taking some of the harvest home with them as thank you for your hard work. The season will be even more plentiful in the coming weeks.


Food at First Garden Crew