2018 Food at First Serves 825 RAGBRAI Spaghetti Meals July 24 2018

WOW !!  Biggest FAF meal ever

Food at First served 825 patrons during the big FAF RAGBRAI fundraiser on Tuesday July 24, 2018 from 11am to 8pm. 20,000 RAGBRAI participants peddled into Ames and 5% of them dined at Food at First. Generous RAGBRAI patrons donated almost $4000 to the Food at First cause and the comments were all positive !!  The FAF volunteers saved the day and turned out in droves! Chris Martin made spaghetti and his secret sauce for 12 hours straight from 8 am to 8 pm without leaving the kitchen! RAGBRAI patrons had tours of the Food at First facilities throughout the day and rested their weary biking legs in FAF’s very cool air conditioned dining area. What a great FAF day it was.

And YES !  FAF will be serving our regular meal again today, and tomorrow and the next day, just like every day at the main Food at First location, 611 Clark, corner of 6th and Clark, directly North of Ames City Hall.

FAF RAGBRAI by the numbers

  • 825 RAGBRAI meals served
  • 825 smiling RAGBRAI bikers with full bellies
  • 825 positive comments
  • 1 big air conditioned dining hall + 1 expansion dining area needed during the 4 hour rush.
  • 1 day of beautiful weather (84˚)
  • 500 bottles of Gatorade
  • 700 servings of fresh fruit
  • 1000 bottles of water
  • 400 pounds of ice
  • $3950 donated
  • 9 continuous hours serving meals (thank you to the serving crew volunteers)
  • 55 volunteers (thank you !!)
  • 60 homemade pies (thank you to those who made the pies)
  • 600 bags of chips
  • 100 pounds of hamburger (meatless sauce was also an option)
  • 8 bottles of wine (cooked in the spaghetti sauce)
  • 15 signs placed all over Ames, Iowa (thank you to the volunteers who created and placed signs that drew in the 825 patrons)
  • 1000 flyers (thank you to those volunteers who distributed flyers)

The most important Food at First ingredient is YOU, the volunteer !