2018 Food at First Thanksgiving

31st Annual Food at First Thanksgiving Meal was Thur Nov 22, 2018


Thanksgiving 2018 at Food at First – FAF Thanksgiving meal 2018 was so much fun and went soooo smoothly this year, our wonderful 100+ Food at First volunteers prepared enough food for 700+ patrons and served 635 actual meals on Thursday November 22, 2018, with 325 carry out meals delivered or picked up.  Don’t worry, the extra meals will go to good use as the head cooks will cheerfully heat up the left-overs on Friday and Saturday at FAF. By the numbers, 32 Turkeys = 384 pounds of Turkey, 140 pounds of ham, 250 pounds of sweet and regular potatoes, 85 homemade pies, and a big thank you to the 100 volunteers over two days of preparation, serving and cleanup. Did we mention the weather that day was again perfect for the 2nd year in a row, almost a sunny Fall day at 52˚. FAF is starting to think about the Pass along Party and Christmas Meal, so check back soon. 

140 pounds spiral cut ham ready to be heated up for Food at First Thanksgiving meal

31st Annual Community-Wide Thanksgiving meal was Thursday Nov 22 2018 – Food at First is continuing this tradition of hosting the annual Community-wide Free Thanksgiving Day meal. 2018 marks the 31st year for the feast in Ames, which is free to anyone who would like to dine from 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM in the lower level of the church, located at 611 Clark Avenue.


Thanksgiving 2018 at Food at First – Sign up to volunteer at the 2018 Thanksgiving meal, prepare the meal, serve or cleanup. As of today, there are still openings on Wednesday AM and Thursday mid-day and afternoon dishwashing and cleanup shift. Thanksgiving signups go FASTer every year. Thank you very much to all our volunteers ! 


PIE Donations

Thanksgiving 2018 – Sign up to make & donate a pie (or 2 or 3 or 4 or more) if you can’t volunteer, but would still like to help, then sign up to make and donate a pumpkin or fruit PIE ! As of today FAF has many slots available to make pies.  If you have trouble figuring out our new PIE sign up process please email Patty Yoder.

Homemade Thanksgiving donated and baked by volunteer pies

Donate Pies Thanksgiving 2018. Thank you for all the great homemade pies !!

Pies for the Thanksgiving meal can be dropped off at Food at First on Wednesday, November 21nd, 2018 by 4 pm. Place your pie in the pie rack in the main dining hall near the kitchen.

Click sign up to get to your FAF account then click  “Log in to your account” it will be on the right side of the page or below. After logging in click OPPORTUNITIES  find the “2018 Thanksgiving” area, under that click “Pie donation” then click “Sign-up button.  Bring in 1, 2, 3 or 4 or more pies per signup. Thank you!

Everyone Welcome

Ames, Iowa It’s that time of year again!  The 2018 community-wide Thanksgiving meal is for EVERYONE – those who are struggling, those who have a lot to be thankful for, those who are lonely, those who have “more than enough” family …  everyone !! This Thanksgiving is the 31st year for this community feast, started originally in 1987 by First Christian Church and since 2012 the tradition has been carried on by Food at First which is now also located at First Christian Church, 6th & Clark, Ames Iowa. So a big thank you to FCC for initiating this very cool tradition.


Email patty@foodatfirst.com.  We hope to see you this Thanksgiving!

Sign Up

New Signup Process – Food at First is in the 2nd year of the new signup system and will be used for Thanksgiving in 2018 too. If you have trouble figuring out our new sign up process please email patty@foodatfirst.com

Thanksgiving sign-up 2018. Thank you Thanksgiving volunteers. FAF couldn’t be FAF without you!

Click sign up to go to your FAF account then click “Log in to your account” it will be to the right or below. After logging in click OPPORTUNITIES and you will see the 2018 Thanksgiving sign-up area. Select any shift you want to volunteer click that shift and then click the sign-up button. Thank you.

Not registered with the new FAF volunteer system (implemented July 1 2017)? Click sign up  then click “Fill in an application”

31st Annual Food at First Thanksgiving Dinner Thursday November 22 2018 11:30 to 1:30pm