Christmas 2019


Food At First annual free community-wide Christmas Day meal was 11:30am–1pm Wednesday Dec 25 2019

463 meals were served on a very warm 61˚ Christmas Day from the Food at First kitchen. Wow! That is a lot! 169 guests dined-in at Food at First and 294 To-Go meals were delivered for a total of 463 meals.

Food at First Free Community Wide Christmas meal 12/25 11:30 am – 1 pm


Have yourself a wonderful Christmas day at Food at First. To make the meal run smoothly, FaF needs YOU to volunteer on Monday Dec 23, 2019, 2 days before Christmas and also on Christmas day Dec 25 2019. FAF needs a lot more Pie making volunteers too !! Sign up at

The most important Food at First ingredient is YOU, the volunteer. Sign-up then volunteer for Christmas at Food at First.

Sign up !

FAF could use more volunteers. If you are already signed up thank you very much and please clock in at the computer or on your mobile phone when you arrive.

Volunteer spots are still available for both Dec 23 and Dec 25. Thank you for signing up at and thank you Food at First community for thinking of FAF this Christmas.

Family Volunteers

Families volunteering for Christmas, please create an account and sign-up each family member.  Its simple and fast. Thank you !

Please remember your username and password. Take 1 minute to timeclock in when you arrive & timeclock out when done with your shift. This helps Food at First a lot. Save time, connect to FAF WiFi and use your own smartphone to timeclock.

Christmas Volunteer Information

Merry Christmas poster IMG_20161223_102950632

What a day this will be! Actually, 2 days! FAF volunteers start preparing the big Christmas dinner 2 days before on Monday Dec 23, 2019. Christmas is on Wednesday this year. Prepare the meal, serve or cleanup. Christmas signups go FAST, so sign-up now. Thank you very much to all our caring volunteers !

Jennifer making Christmas cranberries 2016 IMG_20161223_124647529

2 days before Christmas, Dec 23, is the main food prep day. Food at First volunteers work hard, and have a great time cleaning, prepping and cooking 24 Turkeys. Volunteers wash dishes, setup the pie to-go room, peel potatoes, slice turkeys, get supplies, clean areas, and generally have a great time . The first shift starts at 7AM and shifts run thru 3:30pm. Yes, you can sign up for more than one shift if you like.

Christmas Day is the big meal (12/25) shifts start early at 7AM and run thru 3:45 pm. The actual meal will be served from 11:30am to 1pm on Christmas Day and lots of cooking and more food prep will happen before 11:30am !!

Cleanup Volunteers

Cleanup volunteer shifts start at 1pm on Christmas Day Dec 25. Cleanup is the most important part of the entire day. FAF would love for you to sign-up  for Christmas cleanup and please don’t leave your shift early.  See you there.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Did you miss signing up for Christmas?  Don’t worry, Food at First has volunteer opportunities every day of the year.  Its fun, its rewarding, you don’t need any experience, it will make you smile. Never volunteered before, its easy, click sign-up  today and volunteer at FAF. FAF runs low on volunteers during Holidays, and summer time.

Christmas Homemade Pie Donations

Sign up to bake and donate 1-pie, 2-pies, 3-pies, 4-pies or more.

FAF loves Christmas homemade pumpkin or homemade fruit pies (and yes Rhubarb too its technically a vegetable if you didn’t know, but we love Rhubarb pies). If you can’t volunteer why not get in the Christmas spirit and please also consider donating a container or spray can of cool whip dessert topping too to go with the amazing pie you will bake.  As of today many slots are available to make pies.  Sign up

If you have trouble figuring out our new PIE signup process please email

Homemade Pie Delivery Drop off time and location

Homemade pies here for Food at First IMG_20161223_102911687
Pie cooling rack at FAF

Drop off pies to Food at First, 611 Clark, parking lot door, lower level, Mon Dec 23rd 7am – 5 pm, or Tue Dec 24, 2019 3pm – 6pm. There will be a pie cooling rack in the main dining room.

Please log in to your FAF account –> After logging in click VOLUNTEER, you will see 2019 Christmas, under that click either Bake 1 Pie, 2 Pies, 3 Pies, or 4 pies or more then click sign up

Dropping off homemade pies to Food at First 2019
Dropping off homemade pies to Food at First 2019

If you have time, please consider also donating a container or spray can of dessert whip topping for the top of your amazing pie.

Food at First says THANK YOU for taking the time to make and donate your PIES !!
Thank you for signing up and baking pies for another great FAF Christmas Day meal.

Thank YOU !!!

Everyone Welcome

Food at First Community-Wide Christmas meal, Ames, Iowa Merry Christmas !!  Food at First is continuing this great tradition of hosting the annual Community-wide Christmas Day meal, free to anyone who would like to dine from 11:30 AM until 1 PM on December 25 in the lower level of First Christian Church, located at 611 Clark Avenue, Ames, Iowa.

The community-wide Christmas meal is for EVERYONE – Those who have a lot to be thankful for, those who are struggling, or lonely, those who have “more than enough” family …  everyone !! If you are reading this, you are invited!


Email Contact Food at First. See you this Christmas!

Pie drop off times

Mon Dec 23, 2019  7 am – 5 pm
Tue Dec 24, 2019  3 pm – 6 pm

Christmas Meal date and time

Wednesday December 25, 2019 11:30 am – 1 pm


Food at First, 611 Clark, Ames Iowa.


Sign-up for either Mon Dec 23 or Wed Dec 25

Food at First already knows what a wonderful 2020 is in store, so get ready to volunteer, Food at First has volunteer opportunities every day.

Thank you.

2019 Christmas Printable pdf poster flyer

2019 Food at First Christmas poster flyer legal 11×17 size PDF   <– Click to view or download printable flyer PDF or … 2019 letter size Food at First Christmas Flyer poster PDF  <– Click to view or download printable 2019 Christ FAF poster flyer PDF, then please print/display prominently on business/public bulletin board.  Thank you.