Bags Needed Again

Cats out of the bag

UPDATE as of 8/30/2020 Food at First needs bags again.

The Food at First entrance door is locked during the pandemic. Call Food At First Help Line: 515-344-HELP (4357) when u drop off bags or donations. Volunteers are at Food at First 3pm – 7pm every day except Saturday. On Saturday volunteers are there all morning.

UPDATE As of 2/26/2020 Food at First has enough bags and containers. THANK YOU so much !! #FoodatFirst will let you know when they run low again. Please save bags and Food at First ToGo containers at your home for now. Food at First thanks everyone for the gracious outpouring and has been overwhelmed with the amount of containers and bags donated during the last month and has no more space to store them. If you want to help, Food at First can always use cash #donations, Or see the Food at First Wish List. here: #MakeKindnesstheNorm

What: Food at First is always running low on grocery bags. Please recycle your bags for one more good use, and donate to Food at First.

Why: Patrons are using bags left & right and Food at First is running low. If you have an excess of plastic grocery bags, the kind you get at HyVee, Walmart or Fareway, etc. don’t toss ’em. Bring extra bags to Food at First. Thanks!

Where: Bags go in the bin to the left of the door, next to the bread shelves, as you walk into the Food at First dinning area.

When: Volunteers are always at Food at First from 3 PM to 7 PM Sunday – Friday plus every Saturday morning.

Location: Food at First, 611 Clark Ave, Corner of 6th and Clark, Parking lot back door, lower level of First Christian Church, Ames IA.

Thank you !!