May-Aug Volunteers Needed

FAF needs hard working, kind, considerate, responsible volunteers just like you!

Food at First would love for you to volunteer. Especially now from May thru August.

Did I mention FAF has Air Conditioning?

A big percentage of volunteers who volunteer at Food at First are students at ISU and AHS and there are way less students in the summertime to volunteer. Now would be a great time to volunteer in the Kitchen, in the Free Market or for serve or cleanup. FAF serves 365 free meals per year + a Free Market 3x per week, no questions asked.

Summertime is a great time to volunteer at Food at First. FAF greatest need is in the summertime.

FAF has 5000+ volunteer spots per year for you to fill !!

Bring a Friend to volunteer or dine at Food at First. If bringing a friend to volunteer, please have them sign-up so we know how many volunteers to expect for that shift. Thank you!!

Want to help FAF? maybe you have never volunteered, or its been awhile? Please put Food at First in your heart and on your calendar and volunteer.

Food at First loves summer volunteers and FAF wants you to volunteer! Click here to volunteer.  Please sign-up for an available shift before arriving. THANK YOU !!

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