FAF Garden

The Food at First garden is volunteer-run by students from the Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture (GPSA) at Iowa State University. The collaboration between the GPSA, Food at First, and Trinity Christian Reformed Church (where the garden is located) began in 2013. Students from GPSA and across the university volunteer their time to grow fresh, local, top-quality vegetables and fruits and engage as community members in the emergency food system. All produce grown is donated to the Food at First meals and pantry. The garden is organically managed and volunteers are given an opportunity to practice many of the sustainable production methods they learn about in the classroom, such as cover cropping, mulching, crop rotation, and no-till methods. Furthermore, students at the garden engage through a social justice ethic, playing a part in a more just and equitable food system where all have access to the most nutritious and delicious food. All are welcome!

Seeding the garden 2021