2014 News: FAF Considering A Move To FCC

Here is the most current information regarding a potential consolidation of Food At First activities at First Christian Church.

This past March, FAF celebrated 10 years of serving the hungry in our community.  Lots of evolution has taken place, including moving up to 7 meals per week, starting the Free Market, and becoming its own 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.  The FAF Board is considering another step in 2014, combining the meals and market into a single location.

There are two primary reasons for considering this move: (1) Our market shoppers have had to stand outside for an hour or more, on the hottest summer days and coldest winter days, which puts a real strain on some of the people we serve.  FCC would allow for everyone to wait inside.  (2) Our meal volunteers have had to move food from one location to another for every single meal, every day of the week.  All of our food would be in one single location at FCC, allowing for much greater efficiency and an increased ability to serve people.

There has been no pressure for FAF to move away from FUMC, and virtually everyone has been very supportive of the ministry!  FCC is the church across from the police station, and when ACPC left that location last December, it opened up the possibility for another large organization to move in.

If you have thoughts to share, FAF (as a community-wide organization) values the input of everyone in the community – you can email or speak in person with Chris Martin (FAF Director), Dale Vander Schaaf (FAF Treasurer), or Scott Walker (former FAF Director).

FAF appreciates your prayers and your support as we seek ways to serve our guests better in the future!