Financial Donations

Food at First’s primary need during this time is monetary donations to cover regular expenses. Even though most of the food is donated and we are run by volunteers (except for our one paid employee), it still takes financial help for utilities, repairs & maintenance of equipment and our Food At First van, fuel for the van, soap to clean and to run the dishwasher, garbage collection, floor rug rental plus any other expenses that come up. All these things add up and since we are our own Non-profit, completely operating on donations it is a constant need. We do not have any regular funding coming in from anywhere so thank you for your donations to help us keep operating so that we can help the folks that need the food that we rescue.

At Food At First, we want you to be confident your gifts are being used in the best way possible. To make a one-time donation or monthly donation click the “Donate” button. Thank you for your support!

Donate to Food at First

If you’d prefer to mail a check, please make it out to Food At First and mail to:

AMES IA  50010


Donate to the Food at First endowment listed here on the SCCF page either by credit card or if by check, print and mail this form, write Food at First endowment funt on the form and check, or contact the SCCF directly and specify Food at First endowment fund. This donation helps ensure the longevity of Food at First. We want Food At First to continue on helping people for many, many years and donating to the endowment or leaving a legacy gift could help to make this happen. The endowment fund is managed by Story County Community Foundation (SCCF).

501(c)(3) Charity

Food at First is tax-exempt under the section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Food At First tax ID number is 27-0597091. It is eligible to receive contributions, deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.