Catering for Contributions!

On Thursday, December 9th, Harris Vaccines gave us the opportunity to host our first catering experience.  We were incredibly thankful for an extremely generous donation that was made to our program and overjoyed to serve to such a gracious group during their Christmas party.  With a full meal of chicken cordon bleu over a bed of alfredo pasta, fresh green beans, salad, fruit, and a variety of gourmet cakes, no one left the party on an empty stomach.  It was an evening to be remembered by those that were in attendance.  The donations prior to and during the meal were an amazing display of the profound impact that Food at First has on everyone who hears of its offerings to the community.  We at Food at First again express our gratitude for this opportunity we had to serve and meet all of the fantastic individuals that play a role and that were in attendance of the Harris Vaccines Christmas holiday party.

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